Our Products and Benefits
Save time and resources
Utility data access options vary greatly by utility providers which can be time consuming. Automated utility data reduces the time spent collecting data from multiple providers.
Multiple providers at one place
Efficently manage mutiple utility accounts from multiple providers at one place rather than jumping from one portal to another portal.
Simplified automation
Instantly access historical utility data upto 12 months with just one click. Multiple monitoring options including daily, weekly and monthly helps you to stay on top of your energy analysis.
Enhanced controls and security
Control access to your accounts and utility data through Restful APIs or all in one platform. VGS encryptions to protect sensitive data including personal details and utility data.
How it Works
Link Utility Accounts
Instantly connect utility accounts through OmniConnect or our app dashboard in as little as 10 seconds.
Automate Data Collection
Setup daily, weekly or monthly monitoring and stay up-to-date by receiving notifications whenever there is new utility data associated with linked accounts.
Access Utility Data
Instantly access historical utility data upto 12 months through our RESTful APIs or all in one platform. We also offer on-demand utility data refresh based on your need.