Build better solar proposals with utility data access
Gain a competitive edge with utility data access
With on-demand access to energy consumption, billing cost and service address data, create more personalized and accurate solar proposals.
Our Products and Benefits
Build accurate solar proposals
Build personlized proposals based on real utility data. With access to historical energy consumption and billing data, offer accurate solar system design and quotes.
Better customer experience
No need to reach out to customer again and again for small details. Through OmniConnect, connect account once and access utility consumption, billing data and service addresses as per need.
Accelerate your growth
Automated utility data access enable your team to focus on more customers and grow business - no more time wasting on manual utility data extraction.
Enhanced controls and security
With user-permissoned access verify customer details like customer name, utility provider, service address and meter details directly from utility bill.
How it Works
Integrate OmniConnect
With just a few lines of code, integrate OmniConnect in sales quotation tool or website.
Instant Account Connection
OmniConnect helps your end-users to instantly connect their utility accounts in as little as 10 seconds.
Access Utility Data
Seamlessly collect utility consumption data, billing details, customer identity or service address for any connected utility account directly through our RESTful APIs.