Invoice Automation
Streamline the accounts payable process
Pay vendor invoices more efficently
With automated invoice data collection from multiple vendors, streamline your entire account payable process to achieve greater efficiency and accuracy — and all the associated cost savings.
Our Products and Benefits
Time and cost saving
With invoice automation, simply collect invoice data directly in your system without human intervention and get better visiblity, faster processing and on-time payments.
Cash flow and performance optiomisation
With expense reduction and expedited payments, more budget to focus on innovation and process optimisation.
Improved Efficiency
With invoice automation improve the accuracy of invoices, consistency across invoices, and your process control - reporting, accountability and transparency.
Seamless Compliance
With automated invoice collection, incorporates electronic submission of original documents and all necessary data to tax authorities for tax compliance and legal security.
How it Works
Connect Utility Accounts
Instantly connect utility accounts through OmniConnect or our app dashboard in as little as 10 seconds.
Automation Setup
Setup periodic data collection - daily, weekly or monthly and stay up-to-date by receiving notifications whenever there is new invoice data associated with linked accounts.
Collect Invoice Data
Seamlessly collect invoice data directly to your system through our RESTful APIs and webhooks.