Energy Management
Drive energy efficency solutions and achieve better savings
Maximize savings with smarter utility data
Collect utility data for multiple accounts from different utility providers in minutes. Our platform help you to streamline energy data management with automated and instant utility data delivery directly from utility providers.
Our Products and Benefits
Save time and resources
Utility data access options vary greatly by utility providers which can be time consuming. Automated utility data reduces the time spent collecting data from multiple providers.
Improved accuracy
With automated collection, reduces errors related to manual data entry, and allows for consistent and timely data collection.
Automated Process
Automated solution retrieves data from the utility provider’s records and deliver the data directed into your apps.
Maximize Savings
With accurate and timely utility data access, leverage the right opportunities to maximixe cost and energy savings.
How it Works
Integrate OmniConnect
With just a few lines of code, integrate OmniConnect in your apps, website and start collecting utility data.
Instant Account Connection
OmniConnect helps your end-users to instantly connect their utility accounts in as little as 10 seconds.
Access Utility Data
Seamlessly collect utility data for any connected utility account directly through our RESTful APIs or our all in one dashboard.