Utility Data
Instantly access utility data
Product Features
Historical Data
Retrieve historical 12 months of utility data,
including utility billing information, energy
consumption, and meter information
Continues Monitoring
Setup daily, weekly or monthly monitoring and
stay up-to-date by receiving notifications
whenever there is new utility data associated with
linked accounts
On-demand Utility Data
Seamless expereince for users to refresh their
utility data on-demand
Collect utility data faster than ever before
Connect Utility Account
Instantly connect utility accounts through OmniConnect or our application dashboard in as little as 10 seconds. We’ll auto validate account details with utility provider.
Setup Monitoring
Setup daily, weekly or monthly utility monitoring to stay up to date. Get notified whenever new utility data is avaliable.
Collect Utility Data
Seamlessly collect utility data for any connected utility account directly through our RESTful APIs or our all in one dashboard.